Wednesday, November 20, 2019

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS - Essay Example Capitalism in the society leads to class structure between halves and halve nodes. The halves are the capitalist who owns all the resources, and have nodes are the labourers whose only means of subsistence is their labour power. The capitalist buy labour in the market likes any other commodity (EyalSzele√ÉŒ nyi &Townsley 1998). The surplus of labour in the economy goes into the capitalist in the form of supernormal profit. The surplus arises due to the worker working overtime with no payment. If a worker is assign to work for a certain job within 10 hours, and the worker finishes the task in 7hours, the 3hours extra will go into capitalist profit. Capitalist is society trace origin from 13th to 16th century. The reasons for emergence of capitalism in society were due to the society need to use wealth to create more wealth. In pre-capitalist society, the profit from enterprise was shared among the society members. The land, labour and capital were not factors of production but communal resource. With the emergence of capitalism, labour was viewed as a factor of production. The profit for the entire company goes into the pocket of one person. Capitalism develops fully in 16th century with the industrial revolution and development of companies. Industrial revolution is a period of advancement of industries due technology and innovation. Advances of industries leads to few individuals accumulating a lot of wealth leaving others poor. The companies that were developed were in a group of people but everyone depend on herself. Industrialization lead to emergence of capitalist nations in 17th century that became economically powerful. In a capitalist economy, the level of completion is high to economic scarce resources. The owners of production face completion in prices of goods and services from other individuals in the society. The competition in the society will leads to alienation of the owner and workers. The

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