Thursday, November 21, 2019

Infrastructure Security of Agricultural and Food Research Paper

Infrastructure Security of Agricultural and Food - Research Paper Example Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Human Services' Food and Drug Administration at the federal level. In order to serve the nation well, the sector needs to be effectively associated and dependent on other sectors that include water, transportation, energy, banking and finance, chemical, and dams (Food and Agriculture Sector: Critical Infrastructure, 2012). The present study focuses on the infrastructural security of food and agriculture which are essential for successful service to the people in a nation. Infrastructure Protection and the U.S. Food and Agriculture Sector: In the recent years, much of attention has been considered with respect to the fear of terrorism in a country like the US. Agriculture in this regard has been observed to have received lesser attention and concern. â€Å"Indeed, in terms of accurate threat assessments, response structures and preparedness initiatives, the sector continues to exist as a glaring exception to the wide-ranging emphasis that has been given to critical infrastructure protection in this country† (Chalk, 2001, p.2). Agro terrorism is a matter of serious concern with respect to the security of food and agriculture infrastructure. ... There is an increasing rate of the susceptibility of farm animals to diseases. A large number of agents are found to exist that are fatal and highly infectious to animals. The farming practices in the country can be realized to be of highly intensive and concentrated as can be reflected from the easiness and rapidity with which animals are vulnerable to diseases. This thus requires effective security measures of infrastructure protection. Lack of internal quality control, increased production of genetically modified products are other factors making the food and agriculture sector in the country susceptible to agro-terrorism and higher levels of insecurity (Chalk, 2001, pp.3-5). Infrastructural Security of Agriculture and Food: National Infrastructure Protection Plan: Under the National Protection Plan of the infrastructure of agriculture and food, the USDA or U.S. Department of Agriculture has significant roles to play. One of its most important roles is to assure that the foods and clothing of the people of the nation are met without fail. It is in charge of supervising the nation’s 192 million acres of national forests and rangelands. It is also the largest conservation agency of the country and encourages deliberate efforts to look after soil, water, and wildlife on 70 percent of America’s lands that are under the control of private ownerships. The safety of around 80 percent of the food consumed in the country is under the responsibility of the FDA. It shares its responsibility with Federal, State, and local agencies; regulated industry; academia; health providers; and consumers. â€Å"The Agriculture and Food Sector is dependent upon: the Drinking Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems Sector for clean irrigation and processed

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