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Case Study about 32 employees Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Case Study about 32 employees - Research Paper Example Moreover, the interview method indicates the qualitativeness of the data that the consultant is gathering. In conducting a Descriptive Research, the consultant will simply be able to provide a description of the prevalent behavior of the employees in the workplace (Creswell, 2003). Question Two: How would you categorize the type of research conducted in Phase Two? Answer: The type of research conducted in Phase Two is Quantitative research. The Quantitative Research design makes use of numeric data in order to make inferences about a certain group. In this case, the consultant gathered numeric or quantitative data from the company employment records in the hope of finding significant differences in the data contained in the records (Creswell, 2003). Data: 1. During Phase One, the consultant determined that 50% of the employees were PhDs involved in new product research, the other 50% were laborers involved in distributing the product lines to customers. All of the PhDs were male, and all of the laborers were female. For all of the females, the employee’s income was a secondary income for the family; all were married and the majority had children. For the PhDs, the employee’s income was the family’s primary income; the majority was married with children. When asked, the managers noted that none of the employees ever violated the company’s absenteeism or tardiness policies. The majority of the employees expressed satisfaction with the company’s attendance policies. Several employees (all laborers) noted that the policy afforded them a good deal of flexibility to handle family matters as needed. The company awarded 20 days (160 hours) per year of vacation time that could accrue to a total of 40 days; they also provided 20 days (160 hours) of sick leave that could accrue to 180 days at which time long term disability took over paying the person’s salary. Sick leave and vacation could be taken on an hourly basis with manager approval. 2. The table below contains the numerical data collected by the consultant. Vac. Time Sick Leave Employee Gender Class. (hours) (hours) 1 M R 250 1000 2 M R 300 1250 3 F L 5 10 4 F L 4 25 5 M R 200 900 6 F L 100 24 7 M R 110 875 8 F L 75 150 9 F L 65 140 10 F L 120 250 11 M R 250 1225 12 M R 243 1210 13 F L 25 100 14 F L 10 50 15 M R 200 1100 16 M R 210 1098 17 F L 24 45 18 F L 15 23 19 F L 10 15 20 M R 220 1200 21 M R 250 1245 22 F L 25 54 23 M R 300 1300 24 F L 70 80 25 F L 80 100 26 M R 320 1440 27 M R 320 1440 28 F L 45 100 29 F L 34 100 30 M R 190 1000 31 M R 200 1100 32 M R 210 1200 Question Three: Calculate the average amount of vacation and sick leave for the two groups of employees (i.e., PhDs and laborers). Please show your work. Answer: In calculating the average amount of vacation and sick leave for the two groups of employees, the table was inputted to Excel and the data was sorted so that all researchers were grouped together and all laborers were grouped to gether. Afterwhich, the â€Å"AVERAGE† function was used to find the needed values. The following results were found: Table 1. Average Vacation and Sick Leave for Laborers and Researchers.    Vacation Time (in hours) Sick Leave (in hours) Laborers 44.2 79.1 Researchers 235.8 1161.4 Question Four: Calculate the standard deviation for the amount of vacati

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