Friday, March 15, 2019

John Steinbecks Of Mice and Men :: Essays Papers

Of Mice and Men SummaryThis story is roughly Lennie subaltern and his friend, George Milton, some(prenominal) of them were laboured to leave weed because Lennie was accuse of raping a girl. This hand was set in Salinas V totallyey, California. The book begins with the two of them hiding from the mad townspeople. Lennie had a tendency to grab things and non let go, yet he was unsuspecting of his own strength. This problem got them into trouble a lot. Chapter One Lennie and George are hiding. They were forced to leave Weed because Lennie was accused of rape. They went from ranch to ranch. They sit and talk and annoyance their plans are for the next day, then they go to a ranch and George does all the talking. Chapter Two Lennie and George arrived at the ranch were his new home is. He asks them for both of their names, and where they worked before and what skills they have. George answers every question for Lennie that makes the boss curious. He asks George why he always answ ers the questions for Lennie, thinking that is trying to get Lennies pay. Then he tells him that Lennie is a little slow. After he left, Candy came in and so did Curley. Once he left, George and Candy talked about him. Candy verbalize that Curley hates work force who are bigger than him. Candy also said that Curleys wife is a flirt. Soon after, Curleys wife entered looking for her husband. After flirting with George and Lennie, she leaves.Chapter Three Slims red hot just had puppies and Lennie asked if he could have one. Slim said yes. George told Slim about the incident in Weed. He also told him that Lennie had a problem where he has to touch pretty things, so he grabbed a girls dress. The girl started to scream. So he held on tighter because he was confused. The girl accused Lennie of rape and they had to leave town. Carlson tried to convince Candy to shoot his cut through because it was so old and in constant pain. Candy finally said yes after arguing and then he shot the dog , and buried it. some(prenominal) minutes later Curley came into the bunkhouse looking for his wife. He was told that no one had seen her round and was about to leave but he noticed that Slim was not there, either.

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