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In 1517 Ferdinand Magellan proposed to King Charles I of Spain for a fully funded expedition to find a western sea travel guidebook to the Molaccan Islands. If Magellan could find an easily way through or around confederation America it would enable the Spanish to set up a profitable trade route with the Molaccans, known for its abundance of spices.On May 22,1518 King Charles I allow Magellan enough money to buy quintet ships. Over 250 men were split up amongst the Trinidad, the San Antonio, the Conception, the Victoria, and the Santiago. The ships set sail on their journey on kinsfolk 20, 1519 from a port in Sanlucar de Barrameda, Spain. The ships sailed south along the coast of Africa until they reached the equator. They then(prenominal) turned to head across the Atlantic Ocean toward northern Brazil. They reached South America at a city in Brazil called Recife. The authorise continued down the coast in search of a enactment through South America. Trades were made in Ri o de Janeiro with Native Americans in December. carriage San Julian in Argentina gave the crew winter shelter for five months. Shortly after resuming voyage, one of the ships was driven to shore and lost exploring an inlet. just now south of the 50th parallel, near Rio Santa Cruz, Magellan sent two of his four rest ships to explore a large inlet. The ships returned two days l taker responding that they had been to third bays through narrow passages. Against advice, Magellan set out to sail through the strait. ane of the ships gave up and set out to return to Spain.On November 28, 1520 Magellans travel by of the three remaining ships exited the strait into another ocean. The strait Magellan and his crew apply is now called The Strait of Magellan. The new ocean was named the Pacific Ocean because it was real calm. This ocean had much more favorable weather than the last hardly was much larger than expected. The crew ran out of food shortly. Soon they ate the leather rope guar ds. Desperate to survive, the sailors ate sawdust and rats for 98 days. Many died of execrable and malnutrition. Finally a small island in the west pacific was sighted. The ships halt for food and to regain health.Magellan then sailed to Mindanao in the Philippines and on to Cebu Island. Although Spain did not outright recognize the importance of the Philippines, they had become the greatest Spanish trading come to in the East.

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