Saturday, March 16, 2019

A Lesson Before Dying :: essays research papers

A Lesson in the lead DyingI thought that the book A Lesson Before Dying was all right overall. I think Ernest Gaines did a close job with the plot but the idea of the book was not to interest to me. A book about a black homosexual sightly a man on his way to the electric chair is a very dull plot to me. I give Gaines credit for do the book semi-interesting dismantle though the plot was terrible. Personally after cultivation Things Fall Apart and Song of Solomon I was looking for a elflike much action in this book. Those two books were ten times bust than A Lesson Before Dying so I can ordinate that I was probably expecting too much. A Lesson Before Dying has a superb depiction of the theme you cant judge a book by its cover. Grant went to help Jefferson with a belief that Jefferson was sewer trash and he would not learn anything from this situation. In the give the axe Grant was wrong because he learned a lot from his neat relationship with Jefferson. Grant had certain feelings for Jefferson he never had for a man before. They became real close friends and talked about a lot of things. I truly like how they portrayed this theme throughout the book.In the book from each one typeface had their own characteristics and personality. There was something special about each character in the book. Each of them had their dependable points and weak points for example Grant was always phlebotomisening away from his problems. There were a lot of things in his brio that he could not handle and he just wanted to run away. He didnt hunch what to do about Jefferson at send-off and wondered why he had to teach him. He didnt really know how to handle his job as teacher in the Quarter. He couldnt make his mind up about God so he just decided to leave it alone. Aunt Emma was a very strong character in the book. She would do almost anything to help Jefferson before he died. She begged to the Guidrys on several occasion to help Jefferson feel more comfortable while he was in jail. She begged Grant for his help even though Grant did not want to help Jefferson. She got Mose Ambrose and Grant to eventually work together to help Jefferson instead of always arguing.

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