Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Self Esteem Literature review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Self Esteem - Literature review Example Moreover, social acceptance besides interpersonal correlation has vita effects on self esteem (Nunley, 1996 p. 90). Friendship impacts on self esteem from puberty up to when a person develops into an adult (Cause, Mason, Gonzales, Hiraga, and Liu, 1998 p. 54). Evidently, singing together at the Bristol integrate will make these persons to develop some friendship and relationship thus boosting their personal self esteem. Furthermore, assistance and support given to people also helps in improving the self esteem of children and the adolescents in the society. Extra areas that also promote self esteem of any person are the school transition besides social success. Actually, when a person graduates from one level of education to another, they realize their position in the society thus improving their self esteem as described by Feldman and Elliot. Some of these social successes in the adolescents may comprise having self confidence in their physical appearance, their intelligence in clas s, besides social belonging (Fennel, 2011 p. 56). However, the children who don’t recognize such confidence in them will hate themselves, thus, low self esteem. Singing as a group in enhanced the interpersonal relationship among the individuals in Bristol Integrate. The possibility of the individuals to relate to one another very in the group leads to high social esteem. Conversely, the inability to interrelate will result in very low self esteem among the singers.

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