Wednesday, October 16, 2019

How and which beliefs can we justified in Descartes who argues for Essay

How and which beliefs can we justified in Descartes who argues for skepticism - Essay Example He believes that images from dreamland are drawn from real experiences. For instance, if an artist draws an imaginary picture of a mermaid, he thinks of images of women and fish. The philosopher thinks that it is very easy to doubt the simplest things in life such as the existence of God. However, he tries pushing these thoughts from his mind by arguing that if he believes that there is no God, then he will be deceived. From the clip in "The Matrix", Neyo is put in a computer program by a hacker who tries to convince him to change his mind about what he believes in. The hacker shows him of his dream world and the real world to manipulate his mind into making Neyo believe in his world of fantasy (Andy and Lana, 1999). In the same way, Descartes sought to overturn people beliefs thoughts into his imaginary world. From the philosopher story, it is crucial to note that no individual can live in skepticism as no one doubts if other people in the surrounding exist. It is believed that Descartes was motivated into doubtful behavior as he was trying to overcome a certain problem, but his believes were always accompanied by arguments to inspire his

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