Friday, August 23, 2019

Leadership Model Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Leadership Model - Essay Example With some mettle and wisdom, an individual becomes a successful and an effective leader. This paper seeks to review the leadership model adapted from Montgomery, Copley, and Associates and use it to select any Northouse case study that has not been assigned as a critical thinking activity. Also, the paper will use the outlined model to express personal and professional experience as a result of the implementation of the model. Northouse (2010) and his counterparts colleagues have drafted many literature pieces suggesting that leadership behaviors are partitioned into four major groups. The structural framework consists of leaders that focus their attention on the organizational environment, policy implementation, product testing, and organizational structures. In a compelling leadership circumstance, the structural leader is a social modeler with a unique leadership that is based on outline and analysis. However, in an ineffective leadership circumstance, the structural leader behaves like a tyrant who concentrates on details only. The human resource framework consists of leaders who frequently communicate with their workers and encourage them to uphold the image of the organization. As a result, they provide opportunities, enhance cooperation, coordinate decision-making process, and support workers in the organization. Human resource leaders are considered catalytic in an effective situation. They are also viewed as fraud master especially in an ineffective circumstance. Other frameworks include political and symbolic frameworks. For political framework, the leader is considered an advocate that helps to build the organization by establishing a platform for coalitions and partnerships. However, such a leader would be considered ineffective if the person manipulates the workers in an organization. The symbolic framework allows leaders who impress most of the workers in an organization. Symbolic leaders are a source

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