Friday, August 23, 2019

Angie's list company Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Angie's list company - Research Paper Example For instance, it uses an F-grading-system that is monitored through improved technology (â€Å"Angies List Unveils Naughty & Nice List – Newsroom† pr.10). Human review is used to certify clarity and genuineness of the reviews posted by the consumers. Utmost local companies rely on the company’s excellent review service. Angie’s List, Inc offers services in approximately 200 cities in the United States. The company offers satisfactory services to numerous small businesses. This implies that most companies and consumers appreciate the competence in service and technological reliability of Angie’s List Company ("Angies List Reports First Quarter 2014 Results (:ANGI)." Pr.6). It has a culture of inaugurating locally based affiliations. Local respondents insist that the company has assumed and partaken as one among the most reliable legal advisors. Most importantly, the founders and employees believe in sustained innovation with an objective of ascertaining better services. Success and failure are feasible experiences that any business can undergo. Angie’s List Company may have suffered from insignificant losses when it commenced operations. However, the company has gathered an admirable pace in development over the past few years. First, it intends to invest more on infrastructure and technology ("Angies List Loss Widens - Newsroom" pr.4). The company has a tendency of improving the quality of services through the adoption of new and reliable technology. In addition, increased infrastructural units will effectively harbor the 500 employees that the company intends to hire. Ideally, the company’s reputable status in customer review service is deemed to remain sustained in the

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