Sunday, June 16, 2019

Online advertising Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Online advertising - Essay ExampleOnline video includes both streaming and progressive download video.According to the report, in total, 138 million Americans - approximately three in four U.S Internet users - viewed online video in November.Top U.S. Online ikon Properties* by Unique Video ViewersNovember 2007Total U.S. - Home/Work/University LocationsSource comScore Video MetrixPropertyUnique Viewers (000)Percent of all U.S. Internet UsersTotal Internet 138,38375.9%Google Sites76,18741.8%Fox Interactive Media46,34925.4%Yahoo Sites37,30020.5%Time Warner Network31,21217.1%Microsoft Sites28,47015.6%Viacom Digital23,52212.9%Disney Online10,3615.7%ESPN10,1285.6%ABC.com9,9695.5%CBS connection8,3364.6%*Rankings based on video content sites excludes video server networks. Online video includes both streaming and progressive download video.Online advertising opens up new colloquy possibilities for personalized messages to be delivered to targeted individuals (Davis 2000, 113). It can help us create a customized, common information technology platform for all your companys activities-resulting in unique, integrated systems that reenforce the strategic fit among your firms many functions. Even better, competitors cant easily imitate these systems (Michael E. Porter 2).That online media as an effective source of advertising can be gauged from the fact that the guerrilla generation of Internet (Web 2.0) companies such as MySpace, Facebook, Linked/In and YouTube that set shop three years ago, today have more users than the whole U.S. population. This trend adequately highlights the fact that we can target the online community for creating customer loyalty, promoting sales and services and building and strengthening our brand... This essay Online advertising outlines the advantages and effectiveness of online ad and how it can help the company to increase the sales rate. Unlike forced advertising methods which can have a negative impact on sales if the consumers are n ot interested in our products, we can provide information to those who actually look forward to receive it. The benefit of this is that our email advertising crusade will have a better chance of sales conversion than any other form of advertising. There are many websites that have commit communities of members interested in a particular subject. In our case, there are communities for each our textbooks AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Catia, and Solid Edge. WE can reach our potential customers by providing press releases in websites dedicated to these communities. Here, I can give you the example of a website that has a large registered audience of software users as its members. While most websites allow us to place our press releases for free, there are others that do charge a nominal cost. The advantage is that at very low rates, we can target a global audience and create a bigger market for our textbooks.I rest my case by saying, Internet technology makes both giving and accumulation feedback very easy, which further encourages two-way communication (Y Liu, LJ Shrum 7) between the business entity and the consumers providing opportunities for mutually beneficial relationships, better sales and promotion of goods and services.

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