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Antigone Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Antigone - Research Paper ExampleHowever, King Creon believes that the laws are made by man and men are the only great deal who can change the laws. The major challenge affecting both the 2 protagonists is the personal pride making their stance known and not wanting to back-down. single important issue to be addressed is that the both share almost same idea, but different view. Oedipus was to become king by killing his beginner Laius, which happened on his way to visit the town. The tragic finale of his father is outlined in the prophecy preceding the play. It outlines the issues that affect relationships in the play thereby enable the reader to understand the role of incest in shaping the character of the main issues. The development of female heroism is depicted in the play by the actions of Antigone. courage and feminism has been in conflict over the years until in the last two decades. The factors that influenced the inclusion of women as action heroes include the rigid nat ure of the feminist agenda, feminism ideologies of the 20th century and the role of women in the society (Wilmer & Zukauskaite, 2007, p. 45). The concept of heroism is borrowed from the ancient Greek mythology which creates personality who is immortalized. From the analysis of the play, the heroism depicted is incompatible heroism because there are two main characters namely protagonist Antigone versus Creon. The antagonistic heroism is displayed in various traditional and modern literatures including the Harry muck about Series. Side kick heroes support the main hero. In the case of Antigone, there is no side kick hero, but only the antagonistic hero. However, some antagonistic heroism may lead to tragedy as depicted in the story of Antigone and Creon which shows the desire for freedom and social guidance (Wilmer & Zukauskaite, 2007, p. 125). In addition, the relationship and desires of the two main characters shapes the development of the story. The principles of choice and th e lack of flexibility to accommodate the views of others indicate the power of dictatorship and authoritarian regime. Creon refuses to accept the beliefs of Antigone and uses his authority to infringe on the rights of Antigone tether to tragedy. However, crisis in the play is presented at the start of the play, when Oedipus kills his father and ascends to power. The tragedy comes when he ascends to power and marries his mother. The life of Oedipus is complex because it marked with several challenges including being tied and throw away in order to prevent the prophecy to occur. He is the son of King Laius and Queen Jocasta, but later married his mother. The realization of the tragedy of incest leads to death of the queen because she commits suicide after knowing the truth. Oedipus kills his father during a disagreement along the road. In addition, he kills Sphinx making him a darling for the people of Thebes. The avenge for the win and following the death of King Laius, Oedipus is given the throne leading to the interaction with the queen (Sophocles, 2008, p. 1117). Final draft Literary Analysis Antigone The story of Antigone is base on prophetic issues and the decision of main protagonists in the play. Antigone and Creon are the main protagonists of the play based on the belief and pride. The play is based on the consider and tradition of the people of Thebes. In fact, the major challenge is on the burial of Polyneices, the challenge is based on the laws to respect. Antigone believes in the laws of the deity which forces them

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