Sunday, April 21, 2019

Nonverbal Feedback Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Nonverbal Feedback - Essay Examplehich individuals decease up in a conflict or businesses and their vocalisations leave a negative image of themselves in the eyes of the customers is back of their failure to skillfully custom nonverbal communication (Troester, 2007). It has become very essential for businesses and their cases to use nonverbal communication in an effective and efficient manner while dealing with customers. It is essential for organizations representatives to appropriately use the components of physical cues as well as physical appearance to deal with the customers otherwise they may end up losing their customer (Baack, 2012). For example, I witnessed a lady going up to a customer representative asking for a bank account opening form. The representative did not seem preferably raise in opening the account of the customer because he believed that it was not a major account and quite casually directed her towards the counter where the bank account opening forms we re kept. The lady sat down onerous to fill the form save could not understand the details of the form. Due to this she went to the representative and asked him to her help her. The representative responded in quite an unconcerned manner and told her to wait. The lady immediately understood that the representative was not interested and she left the bank in an angered manner. I followed her and asked her what the problem was. The lady told me that she wanted to open a new bank account and wanted to deposit a handsome amount of money but she felt that the bank was not interested. Due to this the bank lost a very major

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