Monday, April 22, 2019

A Better Russian Space Program Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

A Better Russian Space Program - assay ExampleThis essay describes main events from the history of launchings and space researches in Soviet Union and modern Russia, much(prenominal) as the first artificial satellite called Sputnik 1 launching in 1957, the first man in space in 1961 and space launches lessening in 90th, because of economic issues, and later provoked by means of political disorder in the country. In 2000, as this essay states, Russias position on the manhood launching started to improve and moved in to top slot which it has detained ever since maintaining an average launching rate.But, sadly, in the last 2 years the Russian space computer programme, once was the envy by the whole world, has been approach a number of problems, especially since huge financial effort on the already strained Russian space agency. Second part of this essay suggests the way Russia can improve its own space program and what steps should it take, such as experiments with voyages to Mars , increasing their budget and develop a partnership program with NASA.In conclusion, this essay demonstrates the importance of what space agencies all over the world are doing daily. They are constantly researching and developing to better serve mankinds thirst for knowledge and comfort. This is why it is important to support and embrace space agencies at all times, for who knows what gifts they could bring us in the future. It also suggests, that Russia needs to work hard in make their space program the best, that it was in 1980s, and many believe that they can lead the way once more.

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