Saturday, April 20, 2019

Hacking and Cracking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Hacking and Cracking - probe ExampleThis means that the person performing hacking had to modify system carrying into actions to attain what they require or to perform unusual functions (Peterson and Bender, 2011).Hacking evolved after the invention of the fist computer in the 1950s and was widely changed and utilise to test the strength of systems. Later in 1980s hacking and cracking where differentiated by the Massachusetts form of Technology (MIT). tally to MIT, hacking is ethical non-destructive performances while cracking is non-ethical performances aimed at destroying computer systems either by breaking, wiping taboo data or infecting the system with viruses or malware. The 21st century description for hacking is based on the sideline terms. Hacking must follow safety measures, must not be destructive and must not arrive at effect on any person emotionally, physically or mentally. Hacking is performed with the help of the following schedule languages, telnet, trojan hor se horses and key loggers. Hacking with the use of Trojan horses helps the hacker to passwords. A Trojan horse is a kind of program that is only meant for hacking and not like viruses or worms. Viruses and worms replicate themselves and are meant for destruction of programs in the system (Peterson and Bender, 2011).According to Syed (2004), hacking is an illegal act if a person does not have authority to perform such actions. Hacking operation can be performed on various systems such as emails whereby persons hack email. Hacking is also do by computer experts who are able to write programs or have wide knowledge of programming languages. Hacking is in general performed to ascertain the strength of companys protection system. In this way, the organization can pin-point and correct the security flaws in the organization to avoid loss of data or computer virus infections. Cracking is done with help of software. However, the person cracking must also have a bit of knowledge of progra mming

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