Friday, February 1, 2019

Diffusion of Technology in Society Essay -- essays research papers

Successful and Inappropriate DiffusionIn ThermadorThe Thermadorian society had been isolated from the world for hundredsof years. The successful diffusion of farming engine room failed for anumber of reasons. Based on our information, there were several components missing. Components much(prenominal) as no research or plans to sustain a long-term solution to the problem. The United Nations presented neo farming technology non victorious into consideration the educational level of the society in a modern world. Technology changes society, however it is gradual and consistent. Itcould be assumed that the Thermadorians had no theory of the changeand had no understanding of the role of the technology provided.The United Nations provided the Thermadorians with tractors and another(prenominal) heavy vehicles to assist the farmers in the planting of the seeds and harvesting crops. It appears the United Nations did not research or even attempt to understand the Thermadorian culture, customs, or addressing their deliverance or governmental structure.There is no information on the affable status and who had control of the land. Did the would-be farmers have standing in their societal structure? Were they poor/rich? Small farms as opposed to walloping? Nothing is noted so assuming they are simple nation with little education and no experience relating to the farming technology provided. No representative living amongst the Thermadorians. Without taking into consideration thei...

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