Friday, February 1, 2019

Anxiety Disorders :: Psychology Essays

Anxiety Disorders As I got close to the Embassy Suites, where Lincoln Financial Group was holding their interviews, I mat myself clear tense. What if people are in the lobby and they see me in jeans? Would that make a bad impression? After a prospicient debate with myself, I decided that it was nearly midnight and that people would not be awake. I paseoed into the lobby, got my mode key and went up. We all had our own suite so it was clear that Lincoln had some money to spend. As I attempt to fall asleep, I became more and more restless. I began thinking or so all the things that could go wrong. I couldnt sleep. 3am rolled around. Then 6am. At 7am I got up, showered, put my suit on and walked out of the room. I immediately moody around because I cognize that I had forgotten my name tag. As I tried to open the door with the plastic key, I realized I was trembling so bad that I could not get the stupid key in the door. I finally managed to enter the room and get my name tag and I proceeded to stab my finger with the arctic pin of the tag. The pin kept slipping because my palms were sweaty. I took a dim breath, cleaned myself, cursed myself for being clumsy, and went downstairs to eat.The elevator doors opened and I saying oer 150 people in the lobby. I nearly fainted. I felt like my lungs would not expand and for a second everything went black. I quickly walked over to the bathroom and slapped myself a couple of times. Splashing moth-eaten water on my face would have been out of the question prone that I was wearing mascara. I asked myself to get a grip (several times) and walk out of the bathroom. I was so nervous that I hung my head and walked over to the pabulum hoping to avoid any eye contact. I looked at the food and I wanted to eat because I was hungry, but my nausea got in the way. I finally had to look up and then I proverb the rest of the name tags. OH MY GOD Cornell, University of Penn., Princeton, Yale, Columbia. I wanted to start l et loose but there were too many people around. I plan you might as well go home.

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