Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Should Parents Be Responsible If Their Children Behave Badly?

Many crimes and social problems ar caused by children. Despite the damage these teenage criminals cause, parents are not held prudent in most countries. This essay allow discuss whether parents should be compel to open for their childrens crimes. There are many reasons why parents should not be responsible for crimes committed by teenage children. First of all, teenagers today are independent. They often move out of the parents house at 18 geezerhood of age or younger. They are expected to learn to take heraldic bearing of themselves and get in their own decisions, and not stay like small children attach to their parents.Secondly, parents are working. They cannot watch their adolescent children all the time. Parents have done their duty A third point is that even children from good families can sometimes commit crimes. Parents should not be responsible if they have worked hard to put forward their children properly. However, because of the many problems young disordermak ers cause, I feel we should make parents responsible. Firstly, most new-fashioned crimes are committed by adolescents whose parents do not care or make any effort to control their children. If parents had to pay fines, they might make more effort.Another point is that even though the children may attend mature, they are not really able to make good decisions. Parents should be responsible for raising and teaching their children until they are fully grown. Furthermore, if children know that their parents will have to pay, they will think carefully before doing getting into trouble In summary, there are good reasons both for and against making parents pay for acts committed by their children. However, I feel strongly that if we want to tighten the number of such crimes, we need to make parents take more responsibility.

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