Monday, January 14, 2019

Interview Ceo

INTERVIEW 1/- During operating process of NIPPOVINA confederation for years, have you ever faced with the business ethical dilemma? Yes, a lot. Because launching business means fashioning profit as some(prenominal) as possible while still manage to responsible for those nonindulgent environmental and human standards. Therefore, many conflicts occur day by day, making me so frustrated. 2/-In your opinion, how to resolve these issues in a best manner? I think there arent any best shipway to resolve the problem, there is only a better way. We have to scarify unnecessary things to get what you want.So many times when I have to construe carefully a number of factors such(prenominal) as high society reputation, customer trust, product quality, new cost and make the final decision. 3/- For example, Nippovina company signed with the investor works B, produce the items made ?? exclusively for B, request at the highest quality. But there is a sm all error in the payoff process cause tiny scratches on the surface but hidden religious mind is made ?? which leads to the shipment is not satisfactory. He recovered(p) but religion measuring?It depends on many factors, such as the value of the order is big or small, client B is long-time inhering or new partners, how much the reputation of the company will affect, I may chose to revoke or deliver the cargo. 4 /- Assuming that all of these factors are very large, what would you do? Maybe I will not withdraw. Small scratches will not affect much to the quality of work, on the other hand, our company still operating and maintenance poppycocks. 5 / The aphorism of the company is always ready to provide the best materials, professional military service technology.So in this case, do you think was the company not able to follow that motto? We are committed to using imported equipment, the best material for all projects, and try to comply with the most rigorous way. However the oversight and carelessness are inevita ble, I cannot dismiss a skilled worker with only a scratch. I also fully do brood the loss of time and money if I do not bump off the order within the time limit. So, as mentioned above, after careful consideration, I sometimes have to trade off. FindingsWorrying active the chief operating officer may wall in favor of his own behavior, the interview asked some question in the making assumption way so as to make the CEO answer sincerely. During the research process, the interviewer has investigated and found out the truth about an unentitled consignment. This was told by a manager who blows the whistle. The interview indicates that the CEO concern about the ethical dilemma that he was facing. Although each question is straight send on the problem, the CEO still feel comfortable to answer honestly. Many problems such as stakeholder profit, trust, loyalty are mentioned and discussed below.

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