Thursday, December 13, 2018

'The Martig Case Study\r'

'The Martig content admit is perfect example of how poor roll management activities stool lead to objectify failure. thither are different problems discussed in each paragraph which illustrates the absence of well-defined business process resulting in lack of synchronization and conflicts among different departments. For a show to be successful, its crucial to rich person well plotted and balanced organization structure which will egest birth coordination and communication clear as well as easy.\r\nThe first problem is perfect example of lead failure. After Martig seniors death, Martig Junior holds the present of president scarce his efforts to sell of the business and take long vacations any month shows his loss of interest in the organization.The project managers depend on Martig for feedback and instructions on definite decisions, however its observed they misuse this situation by making their own shot and are in a consistent battle for power.\r\nThis problem house be simply solved if Martig Junior makes efforts to switch his spieling style and focus little much on the business. The president is expected to make major(ip) decisions related to finance, management etc, and should be get able so that project managers can reach him out, guide him in discussions and get his opinions in decision making. This will substantiate his authority in organization and would non give project managers an opportunity to make their own decisions which efficacy cause business failure.\r\nThe next problem discussed is just about the estimating department. As per the set business rules, its mandatory to involve project managers in proposal estimates to provide feedbacks to modify the standards. However, its seen that this never happens in the organization. The project managers hesitate in giving the honest feedbacks as they fear that the calculating machine might be the next candidate for the administrator promotion. This problem can be eliminated by ma intaining the correct hierarchy and clarity about the candidates in position for promotion.\r\nIn third problem is im straightlaced assignment of arrive at. This is seen to be happening since there is no enhancer in business processes and lack of communication. The procurement work reports to Martig, because of his absence project managers assumes procurement as their work. If Martig is available to do his job, the project managers will not have to spend extra hours doing the work which is not delegate to them. Project Managers are spending approximately 35% of epoch in procurement activities, if there is proper assignment of responsibilities the project managers can utilize their time in job assigned to them or activities which quest attention.\r\nIn last problem, we see the incorrect place of position superintendents towards project managers. The superintendents believe that they hold the alike position as of the project manager. However, they are not involved in procurem ent activities which upsets them, so they note ways to annoy project manager.\r\nThe case study says that whenever the project manager is present at the site, the work is delayed, and the report sent to the home office is inaccurate. unmatched way of resolving this dispute is, the site superintendents can discuss and ask their supervisor to make changes to the alert process so to give them chance to be involved in procurement function.\r\nThe other tooth root is that the project manager can confront the site superintendents to discuss this matter and if they are not able to resolve this, then supervisors should be involved. It is very main(prenominal) for both project and site superintendents to have a healthy work relation so as to complete the assigned tasks and make project a success.\r\n'

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