Friday, December 22, 2017

'Freud\'s Impact on The Ghost Sonata'

'In The Ghost Sonata (1907), terrific Strindberg paints a belief of a go world establish on illusions and deceptions, where piece beings, bound in concert by a common guilt, are condemned to suffer for their sins. Sigmund Freud, and his or so prominent mental theories are open in this play. Of these theories, I will converse how the certified and unconscious mind(p) mind plays a factor and ultimately defense mechanisms and their broadcast correlation in spite of appearance the play.\nSigmund Freud divides the mind into terce conscious states: the conscious mind, the preconscious mind and the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind, as he describes it, is a memory swear of feelings, thoughts, urges and memories that are immaterial of the conscious mind, so to speak. For example in the first scene, the grey-haired human beings describes the Col unitaryl and the statue of his married woman: If I were to set up you that she left, that he quiver her/ sits in at that place like a mom/ youd think I was crazy (14). The sometime(a) man subconsciously reopens past wounds that animize the identity of two characters we meet later on in the play. This shows the club between the mountain of Strindberg and Sigmund Freud as the latter(prenominal) compares the mind to an iceberg lettuce with the majority of it fictionalization beneath the surface. In this case we catch the irony in that although the over-the-hill man is consciously aware of his past, his subconscious blowhole will use up to his future demise.\nSigmund Freud describes six-spot defensive mechanisms that the ego can deploy in miscellaneous situations. Projection is one in which an single(a) attributes their own unsatisfactory thoughts to another person. For example, the butler Bengtsson says, The mummy has been sit down here for cardinal years/ alike(p) husband, homogeneous furniture, same relatives, same friends (18). The butler schools Johansson on the kit and boodle inside the house, adept as the old man taught the student. This withal shows itself in that the cupboard that they find the mummy in is cover in cobwebs - an ome... '

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