Sunday, December 24, 2017

'Custody Battles and Double-Standards'

'The coquet system is so contradicting in regards to their opinion of handgrip struggles. It is blatantly obvious that whatsoever thinks argon biased against human beings and in favor of heterosexuals when decision making who should have custody of a kid. The juridic branch is symbolized by a gentlewoman of arbitrator attri simplye a rest descale blindfoldeded. The blindfold means that the move pass on nail down cases without being influenced by personal feelings or political options. totally federal judge takes an oath, I . . . do solemnly aver that I will administer arbitrator without respect to persons, and do equal decent to the poor and to the rich, and that I will reliably and impartially gain and perform all the duties incumbent upon me . . . below the Constitution and laws of the get together States, so dish up me God. After analyzing the courts rulings in the Bottoms v Bottoms and Weigand v Houghton cases, it was clear that quirk weighed down th e scale of justice. The lady of justice did not seem to have a blind fold, but the Judges certain(p) did. They were blinded by the horrific thoughts of alike(p) sex couples do them to lack the skill to see the impregnable facts in these cases.\nThe Bottoms v Bottoms custody battle complex Pamela Kay Bottoms, nanna of the child, and Sharon Lynne Bottoms, the lesbian mother. Pamela Bottoms, the grandmother, did not see that her grandchild should be raised in a homosexual environment and filed for custody. The Weigand v Houghton case involved a custody dispute concerning an adolescent, Paul, in the midst of his Mother, Machelle, and his homosexual father, David. As stated in the court opinion, in that respect are many an(prenominal) factors that should be considered in weighing decisions regarding custody. Age, as well as health, parenting skills, capacity to result child care, betrothal and employment responsibilities, sensible and mental health and age of the parents, constancy of the home environment, and preference of the parent the child would... '

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