Sunday, April 12, 2020

Essay Topics in English Language

Essay Topics in English LanguageThe Belsey Lucrece Coaching Consultant, Gary Poulos, offers a whole range of writing advice for students to consider when attempting to be writers in English. The first step towards making a successful essay is to realise that writing is an art and not a science. There are no objective guidelines for writing and the best results can only be achieved by trial and error.Even when there are objective guidelines, they do not mean much if the student does not know what to write about or how to write about it. This is where writing guidance comes in. The Belsey Lucrece Coaching Consultant, Gary Poulos, outlines some guidelines for writers to consider when tackling Belsey essay topics.First, writing is an art and not a science. Secondly, there are no objective guidelines. The best results can only be achieved by trial and error. In his Belsey Essay Writing Book, Gary Poulos offers the following essay topics to help writers:'Starting with a problem or interest and developing it until it has reached the stage of statement - meaning that it is finally fixed and presentable.' The Best Essay Topic is one to consider for any essay that requires personal expression and expresses a student's best interests.'Presenting thesis statement with an introduction (always expressed in the first person).' It is important to be careful with the use of the first person and the use of the word 'it'. If the student uses the word 'it' without some thought as to how he or she is going to use it and perhaps having some ideas in mind but not saying anything, the essay is likely to fall flat.'Introducing argumentative statement and making a connection to a conclusion statement.' The line between interesting essay topics and boring ones is easy to find. In the case of writing topics of this nature, the goal is to have the student develop the ideas further and express them in an interesting and unique way.'Defining the overall theme and introducing argumentative st atements.' This topic should be used to provide a rough outline of what the essay will deal with and how the essay will advance throughout the course of the essay.It is important for a student to be realistic in the expectations that he or she has for the Belsey Lucrece Coaching Consultant, Gary Poulos, when tackling essay topics. Students should also be aware that no two essays are alike and may also differ from one writer to another.

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