Sunday, February 9, 2020

Film analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 9

Film analysis - Essay Example The scenario is perhaps, one of the serious but not so intimate moments that Helen and Glenn have in the entire film, but it can be considered as one that is normal to take place between the two individuals who are inclined to feel something special for each other. The scenario illustrates the common characteristics of men and women that are often portrayed not just in the movie film, but in reality. The society accepts the point that women are more likely to respond to emotions or their feelings compared to men. Men on the other hand, are viewed to be straightforward, and at some point should establish a remarkable characteristic as someone who is firm enough. When Glenn and Helen talked in the park, the gender issue is substantially showcased. Helen is depicted as the one who relies not only on a hunch, but primarily on both of her feeling or emotion and logic. She tries to establish a remarkable point of understanding things, from the innermost part of one’s being prior down to the external point in order to create the achievement of a successful life management. This is a little bit deeper to understand, but what exactly is important to know here is the thought of how woman might essentially expressed herself in order to receive recognition or a moment of consideration. Helen might therefore not too emotional in this scenario, but she illustrates the importance of feeling and emotion in the decision-making process, as integral components for self-expression. She has substantially shown how important it is to completely rely on the innermost part of an individual in order to make things clearer to the outside world. In other word s, Helen remarkably points the idea of how important it is for a woman to substantially elaborate things, or make it much clear or obvious to understand. That is why it is apparent that Helen has uttered more words compared to the minimal lexes expressed by Glenn. One can captivate these

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