Monday, January 13, 2020

Computer Science Essay

â€Å"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful†. My academic performance has been consistently above average, which was duly recognized by the College when I was presented the Good Result for my performance in the PUC. My Pre University(PU) course played a key role in laying a Accounting which enabled me to develop a puc courses oriented outlook and encouraged me to pursue Undergraduate education. I stressed on acquiring basic knowledge during my Pre University (PU) studies to strengthen my belief that a concrete foundation is essential for a prosperous career. I yearned to equip myself with cutting edge Business and Accounting concept in order to deal with enormous and multifaceted growth Business and Accounting. The mercurial growth in the communications has been fascinating me right from my pre university days. I always found it very interesting to untangle the complex web of communications, fiber optics. A career in communication is something that, I have always dreamt of. As it absolutely necessary for everyone to be acquainted with computers, I have earned the knowledge of ‘C’ and ‘C++’. My field of interest lies in communication, fiber optics. Though right now I am applying for the Undergraduate program, I would like to continue my study in this field to attain my goal in your esteemed university. In college, I have given seminars in my class on various topics. This experience convinced me that I have good communication skills. I have participated in youth festivals and college fetes which have enhanced my ability to effectively get into a team, but at the same time retain individuality. With this ambition I am confident that my academic capability and analytical skills coupled with my perseverance and single minded devotion will see me through to this goal. Given a chance, I am confident that my potential will be reflected in my Undergraduate studies and I will live up to high standards of your Undergraduate program. I am really interested in Chester University as it is one of the renowned Universities in UK. It offers excellent programmes bridging the gap between theory and practice. The opinion of its learned faculty on wide ranging topics is sought globally. Strong links and regular interaction with industry and business enables it to offer teaching latest global trends and needs. So I believe the confidence and exposure which I would acquire from my education in UK will help me to be more successful in today’s business world. Its simulating environment will provide me ample scope for over all developments and bring out the best in me.

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