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Question: Discuss about theMarketing Management for Nature of Leadership. Answer: Evaluation of the current Situation Board of directors at FBA limited are concerned about the organization and wants to understand the approach of the organization towards managing people. The approach has been measured in three areas. Team Work- It is seen that the employees do not feel part of the organization and often feel isolated from rest of organizations employees. Conflict management-Top management considers conflict as a negative impact on the organization, thus it takes drastic action towards people who are part of conflict, due to this, and employees refrain from having any kind of conflict in the organisation Leadership-Traditional leadership style is followed in the company, and a top down approach is followed in the business hierarchy. Recommendation to manage people Team Work Setting goals for the employees- One of the problems which organizations face these days is employee dissatisfaction. The employee does not feel motivated to work, which is a contribution of many factors. One such contributing factor is not paying attention to the employee or not setting their goals in alignment with the objectives of the business. Managing people is not an easy task, especially in a medium to large size organization, but with due diligence and careful assessment of the team members, the team can strike gold for the company. Managers have to ensure that the spirit of team work never dies in the team and every member should focus on the completion of the tasks assigned to a team. Hence, in order to do so, the managers are required to set goals for each of the team members in perfect alignment with the goals and objectives of the organization. Setting of goals will certainly help them in feeling valued and a part of the team (Warrick, 13-21). Recognize the achievement- Great teams are built out of exceptional talents which emerge from the individual teams. It is of paramount importance to recognize the talent of such employees and reward them handsomely. It is often seen that it is only few members who are exceptional within the team, but, at the same time, these members are the ones who act as proxy for the managers and boast the morale of the remaining team members and guide them to achieve the goals set for them. In order to keep such kind of employees, it is very important to recognize and reward them for their excellent work and limitless contribution to the organization. By doing so, organization will be in a position to manage the exceptional talent, keep the morale of other team members high and also drive motivation in rest of the team members to be rewarded by the management(Chen, Wenhong McDonald, 492-507). Conflict Management It is the practise of being able to identify and handle conflict sensibly, fairly and efficiently. Conflicts are inevitable and very important part of a business organization, and necessarily not all conflicts are bad (DeMono, 402-406). Until now FBA limited has been avoiding the situation of conflict by coerce and fear. Some recommendations to manage people in conflict which can be positive for the organization are: Collaborative Conflict Management-As the name suggests collaboration is integrating multiple ideas together for the sustained development of the organization. In this type of conflict resolution technique, it is not about who is right or who is wrong. The manager or the management uses their due diligence to assimilate the ideas of the conflicting groups and come up with a solution which is an assimilation of positive synergies from the conflicting group. Such collaboration is positive for the organization in the way that the positive synergies lead to solution of a problem in the organization forever (Pinto, 189-201). Conflicts reduce prevailing tension and resistance-As mentioned earlier, conflicts are inevitable in business, turning a blind eye towards a conflict is of no good to the organization or the employees. Moreover, to crush conflicts by punishing the people in conflict is a very harmful practice, which has to be avoided at all costs. It is proven by many experts that conflicts reduce the tension or the resistance between the teams, employees or between the employees and the organization. It is always better to discuss the issue then to keep it aside. Hence, in order to manage people in conflict, different strategies like collaborative, competing, compromising and accommodation can be applied. These conflict management strategies are good for the organization as well the employees (Rahim, 21-25). Leadership Bottom up approach of Feedback- Every organization has a different hierarchical structure and they all follow different span of control. Hence, it can necessarily be not said as to which approach is better for the organization; every approach has its own pros and cons. Similarly, in case of FBA limited, top down approach is being followed, which is traditional in nature, the employees get orders directly from the management with least involvement of the employees or even the managers. This kind of system brings along with it excessive power, which is not good for the sustainability of the organization. Management has to ensure that they value the feedback of the employees, and there should be a mechanism through which the concerns of the employee can be sent to the top management. It is then the employees will feel empowered and satisfied that their feedback is being registered by the management and some action will be taken to address their feedback (Northouse, 234-238). Participative Style of Leadership- In the case of FBA limited, the management is engaged in traditional style of leadership, wherein they dictate the rules and terms and condition to the employees without any feedback. A change is implemented without keeping the employees in loop, or without taking their concern about anything, this type of leadership takes the company to doomsday. The need of the hour is participative style of leadership, when the employees see the leadership is involving them in decision making, acknowledging their feedback, giving concern to their grievances and listening to the carefully, the employees start respecting the leadership. In such scenario, the employee work hard to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. A situation of trust and relationship is created which would work in favour of the organization (Antonakis Day, 52-57). References Antonakis, J., Day, D. V. (Eds.).The nature of leadership. 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