Friday, November 1, 2019

Current real estate market Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Current real estate market - Essay Example at are easy to distinguish from regular paragraph content, but the online format has been cleverly designed to be more practical and versatile for the everyday user, especially if that user happens to be a buyer, seller, or real estate professional. The purpose of this essay is to describe the content found in the real estate section of a newspaper of this type—including updates on interest rates, surveys of construction costs and sales prices, and articles referencing legislation or other issues that have an effect on the real estate market—as well as to respond to the located material, pointing out how such content could be helpful to a real estate appraiser. Located in the center of the real estate section of the newspaper’s website was an absolutely indispensable tool to a real estate appraiser. It provided links to articles and information on some incredibly specific areas related to real estate, including general real estate news; homes; condos; second homes; money issues; trends; and neighborhood information. Clearly, such a vast wealth of information can be utilized using this tool that it has been categorized to make it easier for those with a vested interest in real estate to locate what they are searching for. Interest rate information was available through two major sources in the newspaper: articles discussing interest rate trends and tools and calculators that would allow one to calculate such a rate using information such as the purpose of their desired loan, the type of loan, the discount point range, and the estimated loan amount. Obviously, tools of this type can only provide rough estimates as financial figures such as interest rates are based on a variety of factors outside of the tool’s capabilities, such as creditworthiness. There were literally tons of articles in the newspaper that pointed to a vast increase in the number of foreclosures over the course of the past year, provided information detailing the differences between

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