Monday, October 7, 2019

To study at a young age in abroad Research Paper

To study at a young age in abroad - Research Paper Example In the past, studying abroad was considered as greater luxury that was beyond the reach of everyone except the bright scholarship students and the rich students. However, the trend has changed subsequently where more students go abroad at their younger age to study without visualizing the dark sides of studying in the alien countries. Studying abroad leads to considerable expenses and most of the families need to possess large sum of money so that they can finance their loved ones. Many of them feel very lonely without the families and many face identity crisis. Moreover, it has also been found that students studying abroad tries to inculcate that particular countries culture and have hard times in getting back to their own culture and way of life (Chung, â€Å"Study Abroad of Young Korean Children: Gain and Losses†). It can be said that the student over 18 years can be allowed to send to foreign countries because after that age the students learn to be responsible and don’t tend to forget their individuality and become more self aware. There has been number of studies that show that students who are studying abroad are at risk for mental health issues. From the study it was evident that the students feel very depressed and have trouble in acclimatizing. Moreover, they can face problems of depression, addiction, anxiety, obsessive compulsiveness, post-traumatic stress disorders, eating disorders and others. College tends to be a stressful place for the young students as they make the changeover from home to liberty. The students going abroad to study are required to separate from their family as well as friends. This becomes even more existent for students who are far from their family and friends. This kind of students faces feeling of loss and separation anxiety. Cultural shock has been one of the main problems that the students of younger age face when

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