Saturday, October 19, 2019

Current U.S Policy towards Libya Research Paper

Current U.S Policy towards Libya - Research Paper Example I am prompted to write your good office to recommend that our government should take a direct participation in Libya because I am concerned with the recent political development in Libya particularly the unclear circumstances that led to the death of the dictator Muammar Ghaddafi and NTC’s handling of its political prisoners that has been reported as being abused (CBS News, November 29, 2011). I believe that if the US government will take a proactive role in Libya, it will prevent the dissolution of its political gains that was earned by the revolution against the tyranny of Muammar’s government. I believe that it is only with US government direct participation that will ensure that Libya will follow the democratic process of justice and ensure its smooth transition into a real democracy. III. Argument why the official should act as you suggest. This should also have several parts:Â   - a) sketch the public problem, as you see it;Â   The newly founded government of Li bya is still very young and still carries the vestiges of the old regime. Being such, it is prone to excess with a predilection towards summary execution as a way of meting justice. This was clearly demonstrated with the unclear circumstances of Muammar Ghaddafi’s death where he was captured alive and was later reported dead alleging that he was caught in the cross fire (El Gamal). Many of us are not convinced. Given the political culture of Libya, we both know that there was a big probability that he was executed. Such, the US government must act so that similar acts or incidents would not happen again. As what we have seen, Libya’s newly installed government is lukewarm in investigating the circumstances of his death if indeed he was caught in the cross fire or summarily executed. It would be better to take a preventive step than to react to an incident that has already happened. The recent development of prisoner abuse is already beginning to surface. With the less open political environment of Libya, I suspect that there are more abuses than what is actually reported. Already, UN had reported that Libya’s new leaders acknowledged that prisoners are being abused (Associated Press November 29, 2011). If these abuses will continue, I am anxious that Libya will lose its political gains if it will degenerate and slide back to its former dictatorial nature of carrying out justice. In effect, nothing changed but only those who are in power. To keep Libya’s political gains, it has to maintain a steady course towards democracy and proper implementation of justice. For Libya to achieve this, it is imperative that the United States government should be directly involved in setting up the justice system of Libya and its government. b) describe the inadequacy of the actions taken on it to date The United States government must learn from history, particularly the lessons taught by the experience of Iraq when the US government left after it l iberated the country from Saddam Hussein. Iraq disintegrated and fell into chaos without a clear government (Rashidian). We should not let this happen to Libya. Libya have started a revolution and able to win it under the slogan of freedom and democracy. But we have to understand that this was a close country that only had a bare idea of what democratic process and justice

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