Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Choctaw Indians Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Choctaw Indians - Essay Example in the Mississippi is comprised of ten communities such as Pearl River, Red Water, Bogue Chitto, Standing Pine, Tucker, Conehatta, Crystal Ridge, and Bogue Homa while the other two located off the Mississippi are on Ripley, Tennessee and the Attala Property. On the other hand, the Choctaws in Oklahoma occupy ten and o ­ne-half counties in the southeastern part of Oklahoma. Their territories are bounded on the north by the South Canadian, Canadian and Arkansas Rivers; the east of their territory is the State of Arkansas, while o ­n the south they are bounded by the Red River. To date, both tribes have a government structures similar to a democratic nation. They both have an Executive, Legislative and Judicial government branches. The Tribal Chief holds the Executive office with judicial authority. The Tribal Council has the Legislative powers of the government. Originating from Mississippi, the Choctaw Indians belong to the Muskhogean family along with the Chickasaws, the Alabama-Koasatis, the Apalachees, the Creeks, the Seminoles, and the Hitchiti-Mikasukis. They were all descendants of the Paleo-Indians. The Paleo-Indians were believed to be the first occupants of North America. These ancestors hunt and farm for their subsistence much similar to how the Choctaws subsist. Another view on the origin of the Choctaws is accounted on their oral history. Two stories have been passed on through generations of Choctaws. The first one tells of how the Choctaws were created along with the other tribes while the second one spotlights how the Choctaws were lead to live in Mississippi. Both stories involve the Nanih Waiya which symbolizes the divine elements mentioned in the stories. Relatively, as shown on the Choctaws’ belief in their stories of origin, reflects their religious nature. Their belief in supernatural beings can be seen in their literary works. Choctaws before the Europeans came, believed in a god named Aba. Along with this god are the good and bad

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