Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The microsoft case Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The microsoft case - Assignment Example onopolizing, attempts for monopolization, conspiring or combining with other people with the motive to monopolize part of a  trade  among several States. However, Microsoft was aiming at gaining the monopoly power in the PC market (Economides, 2001). Yes,  I do agree that Microsoft was trying to gain monopoly power in the computer software industry.  Microsoft  mismanaged the opportunity of being the leading market holder in the computer industry, which led to antitrust behavior investigations. The Company had managed to  attain  95% market share through antitrust behaviors (Brinkley & Lohr, 2000). The reports led to the  investigation  for determining whether Microsoft is aiming at establishing a monopoly in the market of the computer software. There have been numerous facts proving that Microsoft was making  efforts  monopolize  the  industry  of software. The creation of Microsoft Office as a package that comprises of packages that are  entirely  assisting the  professional  was a deliberate move to monopolize the market. Microsoft  was also sued  due to developing an operating system that had Windows Media Player; thus, engaging the real media player in unfair competition (Brinkley & Lohr, 2000). In Monopoly markets, Companies have market  power in given segments that  involve  the  production  of commodities. The Monopolies are also the price makers of the products produced. In the case where Government Monopoly  is involved, the government controls accessibility to production. The Government monopoly relates to a monopoly of government cooperation or an agency. However, there are Pros and cons to the natural monopoly. The natural monopoly results due to businesses that require a high start up costs in order to operate in a given business. To the company, monopoly ensures that unnecessary competition is avoided; this results to increased marginal revenue and  strong brand name (Tucker, 2010). Monopoly ensures that an organization enjoys economies of scale

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