Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Edinburgh Napier University aspires to be 'environmentally friendly' Essay

Edinburgh Napier University aspires to be 'environmentally friendly' and 'sustainable'. Write a report for the Principal - Essay Example Write a report for the Principal describing what would be entailed in achieving this objective including an appraisal of the costs and the benefits Definition of sustainability Sustainability generally refers to the capacity to endure, to maintain and endure. Within the context of UK higher education, sustainability includes various aspects, including research studies on sustainability, the process of sustaining the university, and universities of sustainability. In Britain, funding is tapped by authorizing research related to environmental studies and climate change. The opening and offering of master’s courses considering the environmental angle on specific disciplines on environmental economics as well as climate modelling also make up part of the general elements making up sustainability in UK universities. The process of sustaining the university includes the designation of energy-reduction leaders in the school. Their focus would be on decreasing the negative impact and environmental impact of school activities; a focus on reducing carbon and energy bills is also crucial to ensuring sustainability in universities. The role of the university in sustaining the local environment is also important, and this includes the emissions produced by students through their travel activities. For universities of sustainability, the highlight of the education in the universities focuses on teaching environmental responsibility to the students, on fixing the curriculum in order to guarantee that the courses being offered also include the instruction of new skills and information which can impact on climate change and environmental sustainability. Themes included in this university sustainability are important if the university discussions in consideration of sustainability are more than lip-service commitments. Trans-disciplinarity and fluidity of sustainability discussions are part of these themes. The importance of trans-disciplinarity is highlighted in relation to sustainability, with the assistance and coordinated activities of university resources and environmental agencies. System of environmental sustainability In order to achieve environmental sustainability in the Edinburgh Napier University, there is a need to implement important changes in the university courses and curricula. The Sustainability Tracking Assessment & Rating System, also known as STARS can be applied to the university in order to determine and measure its environmental sustainability (AASHE, 2013a). This is a transparent and self-reporting system designed for colleges and universities in order to evaluate sustainability performance. This system was established by the American- based, Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) which is considered the international leader in the development of sustainability measures, promoting strong participation from various representatives in higher education. This system seeks to establish a st andard in establishing sustainability in different elements of higher education. It also seeks to provide

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