Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Self-Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Self-Assessment - Essay Example for human resource management in which decisions, actions are interpreted from psychological and ethical perspectives, and this means improvement is a necessity. I have a moderate potential for success in managing in a global environment. This suggests average capacity in general intelligence, business knowledge, interpersonal skills, commitment, courage, cross cultural competencies, and ability to learn from experience. My style is directive style and even though it might be appropriate for management roles, it is not suitable for leadership. I believe analytical and behavioural decision-making styles are suitable for the effective charismatic and transformations leadership styles. My sore are also high and this means ability to operate in different environments. Within the high range however, my score was the lowest and this means need for improvement in aspects such as reaction to emergencies and adjusting to changes. Collaboration is my primary conflict management style and I believe it is the best because of involved honesty. Collaboration and forcing are my secondary styles and situational application means that I can manage conflict effectively. Assessment results reveal my competence in desire for performance, adaptability, emotional intelligence, and conflict management. I am however not yet perfect in the areas and improvements are still needed. I am however, average in the other aspects that are assessed and serious measures for improvements are needed. Mentorship, trainings and seminars will help in the improvements. The skills are important to management because they empower a manager to understand subordinates’ needs, to meet the needs, and to influence subordinates towards an organization’s

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