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Polanski & Spielberg Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Polanski & Spielberg - Term Paper Example The directors made films that hit the public both emotionally and dramatically. Their work was loved by all due to their sense of portraying the war and the post events of the war. The Pianist was released in 2002 written by Ronald Harwood and starred by Adrien Brody. The film is a biographical account of a pianist who is a Polish Jew. While the story truly depicts the hardships faced by the Jewish people in the World War II, it keenly takes in account the life of Szpielman being torn apart, his family being taken away from him, and his existence being vanished. Saving Private Ryan is an American film released in 1998. It is a war film based on the invasion of the Normandy in the World War II. The story is written by Robert Rodat who was inspired by the monument he saw which was built for the eight siblings killed in the American civil war. Thus, he wrote a narrative of the siblings in the World War II who had fought against the Germans. The film had received much of the praise from the audience as well has the critics, and won many awards too. These films have been a clear picture of what the World War II brought for the people and how cleanly the directors have pictured it. Comparison of the two films: Both the films have many similarities in their plots and their use of graphics. Since both the films are based on wars, they are more towards the horror aspect. They give the viewers a look of horror, suspense and thriller. The actors in both the films have done an outstanding job, the stories are strong and the use of graphics and screenplay makes the most out of the films. The difference in the films are the ways the directors have created the directed and the stories and how they have taken the stories along to reach the audience and to win their attention. Despite having the same theme, the directors have managed to give a wave of emotions in a different way that the audience of each movie would have felt something different after watching the movie. In the critical aspect, both the films have been immensely appreciated and praised by the critics and the audience and have successfully won the hearts of many. Both the works have been written in a war scene and they show the stories plotted on the World War II and the lives affected at that time. The films are known for their graphics and their depiction of the war scenes. Thus, the scenes of the war which are in most of the two movies can be compared and contrasted with each other. Both movies do not just show some scenes, in fact the whole movie of around two hours is based on a war scenario with different features of the war. There is a clear scene of the war in Saving Private Ryan where the Captain is looking for Ryan and enters the zone of war with his group. While he is searching for Ryan, and even after finding him, they face many of the troubles of the war together. In The Pianist, the scenes are also in the zone of war and show the struggles of the pianist during the war time. In this film, the main focus is made on the pianist with however, lesser scenes of the war than in Saving Private Ryan, but the scenes of the war have been presented pretty well. In the second aspect when we look at both of the films, we can see that not only do they show the similarities in the scenes of war, but they also show a plot on which the emotional lives

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