Friday, July 26, 2019

World Wide Web Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

World Wide Web - Essay Example In a distributed system, interconnections between the systems are in a client-server model. The client uses a web browser, which is the tool that provides universal access to the large collection of materials made available in the WWW and internet to connect with a server. The internet, the network of networks, has a network of connections between computers containing hypertext/hypermedia files or documents. Web documents contain information and are also linked to other related sources in the web. Another important reason for the use of WWW Browsers is that they have the capability to handle all other forms of internet protocols (Gopher, WAIS, FTP, Telnet etc.). The transferring of hypertext/hypermedia materials from web server to browser is based on certain network architectures. There are two types of computer network architectures used in Internet - The OSI Reference Model and the TCP/IP Reference Model. Each model has its own protocols. After the implementation of satellite and radio networks TCP/IP Reference Model became popular. The main ability of TCP/IP is to connect networks in a faultless manner. Different layers of TCP/IP Reference Model (Application layer, Transport layer, Network layer etc.) comprise different protocols, to control and coordinate the format of packets and messages that are exchanged among different computers within a layer. These protocols are used by the entities to implement service definitions. The application layer contains various purpose protocols as shown below: The Client or the web browser contacts a server through the establishment of connection to port 80 on the server’s machine. Each request from client consists of one or more lines of ASCII text. The first word on the first line is the method name. GET: The GET method is used to make a request to the server for send a page and this page is suitably encoded by MIME. Majority of requests from web browsers to web

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