Sunday, July 28, 2019

Career Explorations Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Career Explorations - Assignment Example She says that the purpose of the job position is to ensure efficient management and formulation of policies that are efficient and effective in the medical field. Each field requires that the policy makes have a deep knowledge of the field to help in the avoidance of over projected policies and practices that may be unachievable. In addition, with this position, the public health practitioner can always select the best sample in a population that helps in the attainment of the desired results (The Princeton, 2014). She says that that a person willing to take the administration direction in public health can head various jobs such as working in health centers, health insurance companies, international agencies and consulting firms. At such job settings, such a person can provide both treatment and managerial activities. In addition, such a person helps in the formulation of various policies that are aimed at ensuring research on communities are conducted effectively and the correct information collected. In this case, therefore, a person can get the chance to work as an administrator in healthcare facilities, head the national health department, or be in charge of corporate information systems. Dr. Cindy also tells us that a person can also be in charge of public health policy administration. In this case, she says you can head the complexities and diminuendos in the health systems and their effects on the community under concern. She says no field in education could have many career opportunit ies like public health. She further says that the emergence of technology and increased innovations public health sector will need more policy makers. This implies that anyone who wishes to explore the field of public policy (The Princeton, 2014). The job requires someone who has interest in the field of economics and the person who has a broad mind. This is because the interpretation of research results and the formulation of the policies

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