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Quantitative Methods and Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Quantitative Methods and Analysis - Essay ExampleEntertainment Survey The survey being analyzed in this section was conducted by Olswang to stop the proportion of people who would chose to pay for entertainment sate (New Media Age, 2005). The survey conducted displays results in for m of percentages, and from the results, the following factors can be deduced. According to the survey, 28% percent of American people have no problem eat uploading and watching content without paying for the content, yet the same proportion would pay to stream long length content on the PCs. The rigour of the results of this survey is not conclusive because the number of participants in the survey is not given. The results from this survey can be use to tell a story by determining the feelings of the population towards piracy and related copyright matters. Political Survey The political poll analyzed in this section was authored by Jones (2011), and is a description of the approval ratings for Preside nt Obama in his 11th quarter in office. The poll indicates that the popularity for the president is at its lowest point of 41%, down from 46.8% in the previous quarter. The poll also analyzes the differences in President Obamas ratings since his first quarter in office, which indicates that the ratings were highest in the 1st quarter and have been steadily decreasing. The poll was conducted random telephone interviews to 45,989 adults in all the States in the country and other districts. This validates the results of the poll since the sample size utilise is big enough to take place errors in the survey process. This poll can be used by any company to livelihood a political candidate or support the incumbent in a forthcoming election. General Survey The poll being analyzed in this section is a general survey that analyses the look evaluation reports of various American individuals (Gallup Daily, 2011). This poll asks the respondents to imagine their life in terms of a scale and decide whether they argon suffering, thriving, or struggling. The scale used in the survey is called the Cantril ladder, and is a representation of the life of an average individual. The poll used a sample of approximately 1500 individuals, and determined the results of the survey on a quantitative basis. This kind of survey can be sued by a media group or company to promote any kind of product, if the individual are reassured that the use of the product will increase satisfaction or life happiness. Overview An analysis of the three surveys presented above shows the effects of sample sizes on the validity of the results that are presented by a survey. This means that the higher the sample size in a survey, the more reliable the results of the survey. For example, the first survey analyzed, the entertainment survey, did not present the sample size used. Therefore, it can be concluded that the survey is unreliable or can be a misrepresentation. Conversely, the general survey used a s ample of 1000 people, therefore, it can be concluded that the results are viable, to some extent. However, the most reliable survey is the political survey, since the sample size is bragging(a) and diversified therefore, the errors that affect small sample size surveys are eliminated. Application Copy of Survey The sample survey conducted is an analysis of the reactions of people to the effects of the

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