Saturday, June 8, 2019

Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 5

Assignment ExampleThis process of accommodation is known as Homeostasis. All dungeon things respond to a stimulus that is a given force or energy form. This energy is formed though a combination of sunlight and chemic energy. The whole process involves chemical energy that in turn lead to certain reactions. This hindquarters be related or human body can be used as specimen. As man continues with his struggle of maintaining diet, vitamins have remained one of the darlings that he perpetually seeks. The scientists have considered vitamins as having relatively equal importance, to that of carbohydrates and proteins, in maintaining the life of man. Its importance led the scientist into studying deeply what the vitamins may comprise. This leads to the categorization of the vitamins into types depending on how they contribute to the life of man. Among the categories included vitamin c also known as ascorbic acid. The characteristics of the ascorbic acid, as a compound, contribute to it s uses in the life of man. Some of the known characteristics include less stable, soluble in water, only slightly stable in acids and presence potent. Human or nature contributes to the sources of the ascorbic acid in the daily life activities. ... The following is the structure of vitamin C Ascorbic acid/isoascorbic acid exists on farming as radicals at a physiological ph. As indicated in the structure, the ascorbic acid has unpaired electrons contribute by the C speck. The differences between the two radicals occur when there is application of the electron spin technique. The compound radical forms a cyclic structure composed of hydrogen bonds between the carbon atoms and oxygen atoms, and carbon atom to HO (Kastner, 2). The hydrogen bonds surround the sodium ion in ascorbyl radical while in isoascorbyl the bonds surround the potassium ion. Both of the radicals are electroneutral especially when considering the reasoning that they comprise sodium and potassium. The presence of glutathione normally triggers the action, which alters the electronic configuration of the carbon atom back to its original value of 4 (Biophys, 207). This together with the electroneutral properties allows for the superman through of sodium and the potassium ion through the membrane. The optimum temperature for the function of the radicals is approximately 370C while it has a neutral ph at around 7. The temperature and the ph features always occur at the physiological values. Considering the physiological conditions, there is the presence of the specific enzyme systems, which helps in maintaining the stability of balance between the two radicals (ASC and Iso-ASC) and their corresponding semi- and fully oxidize states (Biophys, 207). The balance of these two (forming the mechanism of complex redox) helps in ensuring that there are suitable physiological conditions. The unbalance between the two may form a platform for the occurrence of many diseases. Uses and application They

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