Sunday, May 12, 2019

Terror Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

affright - Personal Statement ExampleThis belief of mine was shattered when one of my friends was badly bitten by a rabid dog and after a few days he died because of the non-availability of appropriate treatment. The incidence occurred when we all(a) were on an educational trip, where we were asked to live and sleep in tents and were exploring out things. My friend was a group loss leader and therefore he was marching ahead of the crew. Suddenly, while he was passing the stretch of lonely eye socket a rabid dog appeared and my friend out of fear and panic he threw a jewel on the dog. The dog turned furious and attacked my friend. We all were in a group and following him as we were behind him. We also got freeze after witnessing the incidence. After the preliminary first-aid, he was immediately rushed to the hospital which was 2 hrs from their place.By the time he reached the hospital it was late and injections were not available in the stock. He was crying in pain and panic and no one could help him to relieve his sufferings except for the first-aid. It is genuinely pity and sad when you see someone dying in front of your eyes and you cannot help.The incidence was sufficient to inculcate panic and fear in my mind for the dogs.

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