Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Sentencing, incarceration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Sentencing, incarceration - Essay ExampleNo matter what ever the purpose of a concomitant sentencing policy is, the main aim of all policies is to discourage future criminal activity. For example rehabilitative polices argon created to educate and change the mental setup of criminals so in future they do not get off discourtesys. Similarly, in the case of incapacitation, policy makers keep criminals for prolonged period of time because they believe that they can deter crime by keeping criminals of the streets (Ritchie, 2011, p.7). Even in the case of revenge, policy makers make criminals pay knockout amount of fines and even assign corporal punishment with the intent of ensuring that due to the fear of heavy fiscal fines, criminals will not commit crimes and punishments such as corporal punishment will deter those who give way an intention of committing future crimes.If I would have been in the shoes of a policy maker and had the dominance to make sentencing policies, my pol icies would have been driven by the purpose of deterring crime. My policies would be backed with both forms of determent including normal as well as specific deterrence. Policies that are made with the aim of specific deterrence are those due to which a criminal is banned or stopped from committing future crimes.To serve the purpose of specific deterrence I would create sentencing policies that would keep criminals for a longer period of time depending on the inclementness of the crime. Plus I would implement rehabilitation techniques such as providing psychological assistance and education to criminals so their criminal mind set can be altered and they have enough education to go after careers that would deter them from the path of crime. Similar policies can be applied to serve the purpose of general deterrence the prolonged period of jail time would be a lesson for upcoming criminals that if they commit a crime they will be banned from the society for a

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