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Dynamics of Terrorism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Dynamics of terrorist act - Essay ExampleNassar presents an in depth picture on the real and historic causes behind act of terrorism. For him, as it were, every global citizen and leader in Parliament are, among others, responsible for the current and widespread menace of terrorism. That is why Nassar saysRecently, a former scholar of mine wrote me one of those rare but special notes that teachers occasionally receive. Lynn Weddle of the class of 1985 wrote, I often am reminded of the many things I learned while in your class and how some of the things you mentioned became truly prophetic. My former disciple went on to remind me of a statement I had made in class arguing that the Soviet Union was not the enemy we needed to fear but rather a Third conception country that we would never expect to wreak havoc on the US. The steadyts of September 11, 2001, reminded her of that statement. While the events of that dreadful daylight were a wake-up call to most Americans, terror has been a normal way of life for a pine time to many people around the world. It certainly has been a part of my life since birth (Nassar i-iv).Terrorism is and terrorist incidents are on the increase in Asia and Middle-East and West Asia while they are on a change magnitude trend in Europe and America. Terrorist violence and incidents have led to thousands of death every year from 700 to rough 6000 in the world (Sengupta and Cockburn 27 March 2007).International Terrorist Incidences 1968 to 2004 Source Graph from MIPT database, http// menace of terrorists violent and contraband incidents is beyond human description and definition. Various dictionaries and encyclopedias define terrorism mainly in terms of acts of mordant violence and attacks against established and recognized institutions of State and its citizens and forces. Academics and experts do not fully agree with such simple meanings and definitions. For Jimmy Carter, Palestinian people have always suffered at the hands of the Israels policy of Apartheid against them (Carter 176). If this so and then what about Palestines sustained terrorists attacks not only aimed at Israel but also the different countries of the entire world. For Nassar Jamal, terrorism is use of excessive force, fatal attacks with the intention to create terror and panic in order to bulletproof calculated political demands. He, however, finds - quite like Bjorgo (First Chapter) - institution of State more responsible for present-day terrorism. Gurr and borecole believe that thither are different levels of terrorist attacks and violence - the conventional and non-conventional. Terrorist groups are not gun-trotting armatures. They have there aims and purposes. As such there main objective is to accomplish their political aims through effective means of massive violence. They even use weapons of mass destruction especially nuclear, biological and chemical weapons NBCs (1-22).Defining terrorism leads also to a major question. Are terrorists normal human beings Are they primarily pathological cases Yes, even terrorists of today are normal beings and their global system and networking is

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