Friday, April 26, 2019

Why Companies Should Green Their Supply Chain Management Research Paper

Why Companies Should Green Their confer Chain Management - Research newspaper publisher ExampleSourcing of raw materials with right quality and lower price necessitated exploit of materials across the continents. On the former(a) hand, shifting of production facilities to the places where the apostrophize of labor is cheap is also considered by the companies. These twin strategies result into movement of raw materials and finished products from place to place cutting across the borders of the nations. The increase in the level of performance in the flow of the movement of goods over the period of time necessitated revisiting of the strategies by the corporate companies in note of preparation chain management with a view to reduce cost. However, the developments that have been taking place in the environmental front warrant corporate social responsibility (CSR) in view of atmospheric befoulment which leads to global warming, water pollution, human rights issues involved, and e xtinction of animal and plant species. Judicious use of natural resources in the process is very important for maintaining ecological balance and the welfare and rights of the future generations. Also, growth at the accepted level with the accelerated use of natural resources is not sustainable in the long run. ... Green supply chain management Parry, P., Martha, J. & Grenon, G. (2007) state the supply chain is the production and distribution network that encompasses the sourcing, manufacturing, transportation, commercialization, distribution, purpose, and disposal of goods, from the ore mine to the trash can. Primarily, the uninhibited consumption of qualification at various levels leads to inflation in the push prices. The cascading effect of the increasing fuel prices results into inflation in food prices and becomes a threat to food security. The intrusion of greenhouse gas emissions is considered to be very serious as the damage to the environment could be irreversible. Su pply chain management inescapably to play an important role in reduction in the consumption of energy in an organization. This could be achieved through a comprehensive corporate strategy which encompasses conservation of energy on voluntary basis, compliance with the regulations as a good corporate citizen, savings in cost by reducing emissions, adoption of standards issued by various agencies and environmental auditing, water and effluents treatment, recycling, waste disposal and renewable energy. For instance, according to a study by Canning, P. et al. (2010) food processing showed the largest growth in energy use. cycle of packing materials, generation of electricity from waste and avoiding use of environmentally unfriendly packing materials in the assiduity would not only be beneficial to the environment and the society but also results into cost saving. match to Bruntland reportDevelopment that meets theneedsof the present without compromising theabilityof future generatio ns to meet their own needs (The World Bank Group, 2001). Emission of

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