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Similarties and Differences Essay Example for Free

Similarties and Differences EssayEvery day in real invigoration we go through a gentle troopsy struggles ranging from public vs. musical composition, slice vs. himself and even worldly concern vs. nature. The most communal struggle we all face is that of man versus man. In the on the spur of the moment stories Cathedral by Raymond Carter and Ernest Hemmingways A groovy lit shoes the main principal of the base is that of man versus man. In some(prenominal) short stories 3 characters atomic number 18 used, but in each twaddle each character is completely contrary than the former(a). Cathedral and A unobjectionable lighted erupt pct similarities and differences with the main principal of man versus man and the reasoning behind wherefore one man is against the other. some(prenominal) stories also piece of ground similarities and differences in their screen background and the most signifi stoolt differences twain stories boast is the resolution. In Cathedral a nd A Clean Well-Lighted postal service 3 main characters are used. In each story, one character is the adversary (the man freeing against the other) and the protagonist. In Cathedral the main characters are the married woman, the husband, and Robert. The husband is the antagonist while Robert is the protagonist. In A Clean Well-Lighted Place the three main characters are a customer who is an one- snip(a) man, a new-fangled waiter and white-haireder waiter.The younger waiter is the antagonist in while the nonagenarian man is the protagonist. twain stories share the similarities between their characters that the protagonist and antagonist are both men. Robert in Catherdral is a friend of the antagonists wife and that Robert is blind. The old man in A Clean Well-Lighted Place is the protagonist, who the other characters and reader know nothing more or less other than the fact that he is old. In both stories, the wife and the older waiter both try the protagonist. The first li ne in Cathedral is This blind man, an old friend of my wifes, he was on his way to spend the night.The wife knows the blind man and is friends with him. In A Clean Well-Lighted Place the younger waiter is angry because he doesnt agnize why the old man wont go home to which the older waiter replies He stays up because he likes it. While the characters are similar and different in each story the main troth of Man versus Man is another point that each story shares similarities and differences. In both A Clean Well-Lighted Place and Cathedral the central issue and reasoning behind the conflict of man versus man is addressed.In each story one main character is against another, both have similar and different reasons of why. In both stories the major conflict of man versus man happens because the antagonist does not fully understand the protagonist. In Cathedral the husband is against Robert because he does not know how to act roughly Robert because Robert is blind. The husband has ne ver had to encounter a blind person before and doesnt wish to. A excerpt from Cathedral shows exactly how the husband feels of Roberts visit I wasnt enthusiastic ab kayoed his visit. He was no one I knew.And his cosmos blind bothered me. There shows the main reasoning of why the husband is against Robert. In A Clean Well-Lighted Place the younger waiter is against the old man because he is tired and needs to go home. The younger waiter doesnt understand why the old man is still at his cafe so late. The younger waiter also doesnt like the old man because of his age he tells the older waiter I wouldnt want to be that old. An old man is a nasty thing. Also throughout the story the younger waiter is talking of how the old man tried to commit suicide and how he doesnt understand why.The younger waiter is making assumptions about the old man throughout the story and finally kicks him out of the cafe. The reasoning that the younger waiter is against the old man is that he doesnt unders tand the actions of the old man and doesnt want to. Both stories share that in common, that the antagonist does not understand and does not want to get to know the protagonist. Both stories share similarities between man versus man and the reasoning behind this conflict. Cathedral and A Clean Well-Lighted Place also share similarities and differences between their settings.Both A Clean Well-Lighted Place and Cathedral come across clothe at night time. The first line in A Clean Well-Lighted Place is It was very late and everyone had left the cafe except an old man who sat in the tracing the leaves of the tree made against the electric light. In Cathedral the story starts around dinner time and goes into the night. Although both stories concentrate place at night time- both stories have tremendously different places. In Cathedral the story takes place in the wife husbands house. In A Clean Well-Lighted Place the story takes place at a small cafe.Neither one of the stories gives a towns name for the reader to associate the story with. Also, neither story gives too numerous details about the place of the story. The only indication of how the cafe was in A Clean Well-Lighted Place was when the older waiter said This is a clean and pleasant cafe. It is well lighted. Both stories share the similarity in setting because of the stories taking place at night time. Both stories are different in the setting because of the fact that one takes place in a house, and the other takes place in a cafe.Although both short stories share their similarities with the characters, the main conflict and the setting- both stories have a very different resolution. In A Clean Well-Lighted Place the younger waiter, the antagonist, eventually kicks out the old man, the protagonist. The older waiter then tries to talk to the younger waiter about how the cafe can be a place of peace for certain people, regardless of the time. The younger waiter doesnt want to have that conversation he sightly wants to go home. The younger waiter is selfish and if it doesnt eudaemonia him, he doesnt want anything to do with it.In Cathedral the husband, the antagonist, eventually gets to know Robert, the protagonist. Towards the end of the story Robert and the husband share some stories, share some laughs. As the husband and Robert are watching television, Robert asks the husband to try to explain what a Cathedral looks like. When the husband cant explain to Robert what a duomo looks like, Robert has the husband draw a cathedral while Roberts hand is on the pen being used also. Then Robert tells the husband to close his eyes and keep drawing, and the husband does.The last line in Cathedral was the husband saying Its really something,. This last line shows that the husband finally understands that although Robert is blind, that Robert can still experience things just as well as him. The resolution in A Clean Well-Lighted Place was the fact that the younger waiter got to go home, bu t the younger waiter didnt take anything away from his experience meaning the conflict he has with the old man is still on going. In Cathedral the husband eventually stops the conflict of man versus man when he finally realizes that Robert is just like him.The short stories Cathedral by Raymond Carter and A Clean Well-Lighted Place by Ernest Hemmingway both share similarities and differences. When the similarities are pointed out the two stories appearm to run parallel with each other man versus man, 3 characters and the setting. But, when the differences in the details of man versus man, the three characters and the setting are pointed out it is easy to see these stories have completely different plots and twists. The major difference between both stories is the resolution. Both stories show similarities and differences at heart each.

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