Sunday, April 28, 2019

Community threats Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Community threats - Assignment ExampleIt is prudent to note that chemic agents can be catastrophic to Calhoun County together with other numerous hazards which pose threats as well. One the field of force with noisome chemical agents is the Anniston Army Depot (ANAD), which opened in 1941 to store ammunition. The residents of Anniston and atomic number 18as surrounding it have already been exposed to toxic materials from this depot. This regionhas felt the effects of injustice, and now faces an even greater threat. Chemicals released from this depot and the incinerator is harmful to the residents. This may increase cancer among this people. The Demographics and health hazards compiled show the disproportionate effects the local population leave alone suffer if the incinerator became operational. This means that if the incinerator starts functioning there are harmful chemicals that will be released into the atmosphere because endangering health.Therefore chemical spill from the Anniston Army Depot is hazardous to the environment. Also there is high riskiness of chemical spills due to the research ongoing at JSU in labs on campus. These are the major chemical agents that threaten the lives of the people of Calhoun County. It was discovered also that metals and chlorinated solvents were present in the ground water below the ANAD southeasterly Industrial Area1. Take note that this ground water is the source of drinking water for residents Calhoun County. The hydrogeology of Calhoun County has been greatly affected and it is very complex hence it needs further studies to find the possible interconnections.The concept of cyberterrorism is composed of deuce significant modern fears which are the fear of technology and fear of terrorism. Due to technology International terrorist groups vividly have the capability of attacking the information infrastructure of the United States. This is a threat to the county of Calhoun because there are possibilities of attac ks from the

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