Thursday, March 14, 2019

Urban Legend of Mount de Sales Academy :: Urban Legends Ghost Stories

hinge upon de Sales academyWhen one unremarkably thinks of a hearing a ghost story, the setting is dark with flutter light (such as around a campfire or in a basement with bad lighting) and, of course, it is nighttime. Needless to say, when I heard this story during the pith of the day on a Friday, I was a little taken aback. When prompted for every urban legends or ghost stories a white, female maven of mine immediately responded with, Have you ever heard of de Sales Academy? With my negative response, the nineteen year old student jumped into her story hop on De Sales Academy is one of those Catholic, every last(predicate) girls schools that teaches their students to be good Catholics and either that. In the 1940s, however, at that place was one girl who didnt listen to all the rules and became pregnant. For the time, this was a terrible situation and the girl didnt know what to do. She lived at the school on the top floor and eventually committed self-destruction instead of facing the trouble she would fix been in. Ever since then, there have been reports in the school of doors opening and stopping point with no possible account statement and silhouettes seen in the windows when there should be no one at the school.The vote counter had not witnessed the strange happenings at the school but claimed to know mortal who had seen the disturbances. As a performance, the telling of this story was very matter a fact and my friend did not self-aggrandize the performance was quick, to the point, but not especially dramatic. The storyteller told the legend as fact and was not melodramatic somewhat her role as storyteller.While researching the story I was only capable to find one specific reference to Mount de Sales and some(prenominal) ghostly presence there. However, at this online repository of lore relating to the State of Maryland, Mount de Sales Academy is mentioned along with reports of doors opening and closing while locked anda brigh t robust silhouette walking by the windows (Juliano and Carlson). Further research order no another(prenominal) reference to de Sales in any stories and no reference to any suicide or murder at the school. The additional tale found relating to the Catonsville school does reflect the story told to me. Both mention doors opening and closing without cause along with a ghostly silhouette but there is no reference in the Internet source of the suicide of a pregnant girl.

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