Sunday, March 10, 2019

Prolonging Life Essay

AbstractThis precondition paper will discuss Prolonging Life, death & dying, patients and their families as tumesce as the removal of smell support. This paper is as well as discussing the pros and cons, the debates.Prolonging Life is i of the debates we read had for centuries. Even when doctors say it is enough families still fight to prolong life. close has ceases to be a private struggle but has rather hold out a public affair involving teams of physicians. Theirs is many different medical estimable issues involving prolonging life. For years families and hospitals have fought on how to treat critically ill patients. virtually families fight to keep their loved ones alive and on life support, slice some doctors well suggest other wise and sometime it is also the other way around.Life support technology has advanced, allowing physicians to prolong lives in circumstances that were not possible before. However, Family members and legal proxies well be called to micturate a decision for those patients who argonnt able to speak or for those who are in a coma. Therefore emotional and ethical confusion much cloud the decision-makers mind and heart in these circumstances.Consider this scenario An elderly adult female of the age of 67 decided to write out her living well in which she clearly states she does not want to be resuscitated or be put together on life support. Three days ulterior she was rushed to the hospital for a critical heart attack which put her in a coma. There was nothing the doctors could do and was put on a ventilator. Her husband refused to take her of life support even when he knew round her living well. The doctors decided to give him some time to lament and think about it.Three days passed with no hope of recovery for the elderly women and the doctors tried to approach the husband once again about his wifes condition. He still refused to take her off life support. However the doctors gave him a few more days. By the end of t he hebdomad the doctors decided to take her off life Prolonging Life 4 support. The scenario is one of many debates in which everyone would have their own opinions about. In which has happen potty of time.

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