Friday, March 8, 2019

Pre-Marital Sex & Role of Youth in Building a Nation

PREMARITAL SEX prenuptial hinge on is sexual activity practiced by persons who are unmarried. Is it ok to have premarital sex? That is a common question among teens and act couples. In your mind, you are probably weighing the pros and cons of premarital sex. On the positivistic side of the scale, there is acceptance from your peers, hope for pleasure, and the fulfillment of sexual desires. The prejudicious side of the scale carries the weights of honourables, fear of pregnancy or disease, and guilt. Premarital sex is serious moral issue confronting high school students.This isnt to theorize that sexual temptations only existed in youth. But these days, being youth, they are more cut off from familial restrictions and parish supports, confronted with peer pressure that alleges, Every nonpareil is doing it, and perhaps expose to an irreligious environment. Premarital sexual relationship is an important subject peculiarly today. Young people are bombarded with the worlds sta ndards of morality, or immorality. The set and moral standards, which were endorsed by most Filipinos in years past, are in a flash ridiculed and/or ignored by many.CONCLUSION Premarital sex has no moral grounds, it is against God, and it is unsafe physically and emotionally. Although sex is pleasurable, it is designed by God to be enjoyed by two married people. ROLE OF YOUTH IN mental synthesis A NATION Youth is the critical period in a persons growth and development from the onset of adolescence towards the peak of mature, self-governing and responsible for(p) adulthood comprising the considerable sector of the population from the age of fifteen (15) to thirty (30) years.Their attitudes, values, mind-set, and priorities will determine the development of the country in the future. As a human we have different kinds of role in the people and one of this is to last an effective good attractor, for us to have a progressive nation, we need to be a responsible person, because we heapt have a progressive nation if were not responsible enough, but we must begin to our selves.And in order for us to become a good leader, we must know first how to be a good follower, because we stomach never be a good leader if we dont know how to be a good As a member of our community we can help building our nation. We can serve our nation by being united as we having one objections and one goal we may able to attain the works easily. We can do that by participating in any programs in our community. As a youth we can join what they called SK or Sanguniang Kabataan

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