Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Hydrologic Cycle Essay example -- essays research papers

HYDROLOGIC CYCLE The hydrologic rhythm is a constant movement of peeing above, on, and below the earths surface. It is a troll that replenishes ground water supply supplies. It begins as water vaporizes into the atmosphere from vegetation, soil, lakes, rivers, snowfields and oceans-a process called evapotranspiration. As the water vapor rises it condenses to form clouds that return water to the land done precipitation rain, snow, or hail. Precipitation falls on the earth and every percolates into the soil or flows across the ground. Usually it does both. When precipitation percolates into the soil it is called percolation when it flows across the ground it is called surface run off. The bill of precipitation that infiltrates, versus the amount that flows across the surface, varies depending on factors such as the amount of water already in the soil, soil composition, vegetation cover and degree of slope. Surface overflow eventually reaches a stream or other surface water body where it is again evaporated into the atmosphere. Infiltration, however, moves under the force of gravity with the soil. If soils atomic number 18 dry, water is absorbed by the soil until it is thoroughly wetted. Then scanty infiltration begins to move slowly downward to the water table. Once it reaches the water table, it is called ground water. Ground water continues to move downward and laterally through the subsurface. Eventually it discharges through hillside springs or seeps into streams, lakes, and the ocean...

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