Saturday, February 9, 2019

War on Drugs: Germany compared to the Netherlands Essay -- Drug Enforc

The state of war on DrugsOne of the key aspects to consider when evaluating domestic political actors preferences towards policies pertaining to flagitious drug use in both the Netherlands and Germany is to evaluate their ideological differences. The Netherlands military strength towards drug policy revolves around limiting the negative impacts contraband drug use has on society by implementing laws catered towards decriminalization. On the other hand, Germany considers drugs a detriment to society and promotes legislation that proactively restricts the flow of supply and demand of illegal drugs within the res publica. Now that both countries ideological differences have been brought to light, we must in any case consider the origins of those ideas and how they transcended into public policy. One of the significant driving forces behind the do of any policy are those political actors who reside in the country. The quarry of any political actor is to influence public prefer ence by sponsoring changes in policy. Just like the United States, both Germany and the Netherlands have organizations within their own country that promote policies to the public in an attempt to gestate their opinion on an issue. The investigation of political actors in Germany and the Netherlands will reserve one to obtain a greater understand of why their carriage on illegal drug use is the way it is. German policies resound a hard-line approach on drug enforcement. Non-governmental organizations such as the Jeunesse Anti Drogue promote, Stiffer penalties for individuals charged with the sale of illegal drugs within the proximity of a school (Jeuness Anti Drogue 2005). Many organizations similar to Jeunesse submit a supportive platform for parties such as the National pop Party... ..., we are able to better understand why policies differ from country to country.Works Cited1.German Youth Against Drugs. 2005. Jeuness Anti Drogue.2005. (Accessed February 3, 2012). 2.Netherl ands Drugs Policy Foundation. 2009. Stichting Drugsbeleid. (Accessed February 3, 2012). 3.Startseite Der Webseite. 2006. Des Verein Fr Drogenpolitik (Accessed February 3, 2012). 4.United Nations force on Drugs and Crime. 2005. German Non-Governmental Organizations(Accessed February 3, 2012). 5.United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. 2005. Netherlands Non-Governmental Organizations(Accessed February 3, 2012).

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