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Maslows Hierarchy of Needs & Myers-Briggs Type indicatorIntroductionLike in sports, in business the performance of group up is non just based on the item-by-item talents. It is alike, and maybe even off more, based on the global efficiency of the team. To be efficient, a team leader require to en surely that all the team players atomic number 18 pull at the same rope, towards the same direction. That first step ensures that all the brawn that is spent, is used in favor of the objective and not against it. A morsel step is to set the team organization, in a way that to each one team member is in the position to deliver its maximum performance. To stigma this possible, a team leader has to understand the individuals and interpersonal dynamics of the team. nature tests and concepts such as the Maslows Hierarchy of Needs and the Myers-Briggs Type power are two of the most used tools used by leading to understand and manage these dynamics. Criteria to use when selecting a t eam memberAn individuals resume will tell what one can do, save it will not tell how well one will be able to do it, in a given team and situation. team leaders piddle to select team members for skills but also for their effectiveness to fit and perform well in the team. As Kris Frieswick says companies are increasingly taking steps to ensure that the hires they make are a good fit, not only with the job description but also with the people whom they will be trifleing (Frieswick, 2004). While making sure that one will fit well in a work environment, it is also important to ensure that one will be make to perform well. Since management is all about getting things done done others, knowing what motivates and how to motivate others can improve the effectiveness of the managers. (Buhler, 2003). The selection outgrowth used in the simulationThe members selected in the simulation are Daniel Nichols, Lisa Stafford, Nicola Minelli and tail Connor. They all are good performers at wor k, which demonstrate that put in the right situation they can achieve and exceed their objectives. They all have different levels of aptitudes in areas such as manage conflicts, communicate with others, contact a deadline, analyze and report on a situation or take the appropriate actions to solve a problem. All these aptitudes were required at different levels to complete the... ...while Perceivers will keep their mind opened for sore discussion and analysis. The Maslows Hierarchy of NeedsAs George Hayhoe says, Abraham Maslows theory of the hierarchy of aims holds that much of human behavior is motivated by unsatiated needs and the lower-level needs must be satisfied before higher-level needs can be addressed. (Hayhoe, 2004). Maslow defines the human needs in five categories, oft represented as a pyramid. From the bottom, one can find the physiological need such as food and water. The second level is the need for safety, which includes physical and emotional needs for safety . The third level is the mixer need, the need to belong to a group such as family or friends. The fourth level is the need for esteem such as creation appreciated and being confident. The fifth and last level is the need for self-actualization. In this highest category, the objective is to achieve a level of competency in a certain activity or mastery of a skill (Jones, 2004). It is not for individuals to feel being better than others are, is to have peace and satisfaction in who they are and what they are capable of doing (Jones, 2004).

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